One Kenya –


Design agency Grow and the Kenyan embassy in Sweden gave our group at Hyper Island the brief to brand Kenya.

We had limited time for this assignment, about three weeks including research and execution. We rapidly put together interviews and surveys with Kenyans and people who have been living in Kenya. At the same time we started researching about the country. We soon learned that branding the whole country without stepping on some toes would be very difficult, seeing that Kenya has over 40 tribes and many different religions. We learned that many Kenyans are improving their standard of living, yet desire greater access to information. Rather than prescribe a solution we designed a brand, as a platform upon which enterprising Kenyans build and exchange information that matters to them.

Mobile phone usage are growing rapidly in Kenya, providing Kenyans with an easy way of exchanging money and information. We wanted to utilize this and base our branding on a mobile platform accessible to as many Kenyans as possible. 

“” ("" being a Kenyan domain), or One Kenya is a text message and mobile web platform that hosts fact-oriented, moderated Question-and-Answer dialogues among entrepreneurs in formal and informal markets. The campaign around this emphasizes transparency and Kenyas rapid growth, highlighting single entrepreneurs or for example news articles about Kenyan progress. 

For the graphic branding we choose primary colors that were a modern take on the Kenyan colors green and red, with an accent color of blue when needed. The font "Century Gothic Bold" was chosen for it's simple geometric shapes, and is used both in copy and the logo for 

Team: Kris Bengtson, Gustaf Engström, Nathaniel Kerksick, Julie Raben-Levetzau, Patricia Varella and Simon Vega

My role: I was involved in the concept phase and coming up with the name and the graphical tone of voice. I was also part of production by producing the phone application video. 

Images from Contact me if you have any questions. Please note that this is only a school project made by us as students at Hyper Island.