Interactive Display Window


A project made for the fourth module at Hyper Island, called Advanced User Interface Design. Our group made an interactive shopping window concept where people walking by are in control of the video playing in the window. 

Our first inspiration was from a project called "My little piece of privacy" which in a very basic but intelligent way caught the attention of bypasses on the street. At the same time we got inspired by Kokokaka's site for Wrangler Bluebell and how captivating slow motion is in it's simplicity. It feels new even though the technique is old. 

One criteria we set up early in the process was that whatever we do it should be very easy to engage in, it shouldn't require extra effort from the user in order to work. We decided to do an interactive display window in the [brand]-stores. In the video we use the activists as models, wearing the [brand]-clothes of the season. 

It was very important that the basics of the execution was clean and simple, only back and forth movement is registered and only one person at the time is in control. Everything, even the walls are directed to the one person in control of the video. 

I was highly involved in the concept process and making the final production from recording to production of the mockup in After Effects and creating the case movie

We uploaded the video on Vimeo and got it published on the design blog NotCot, after that we got a feature on Fubiz and The Fox is Black, after that the video rapidly spread all over the world:

In two days we had over 26.000 views, 80.000 loads from over 130 countries. 400 people liked the video on Vimeo, over 300 blogs embedded and wrote about it. It was Tweeted by Ogilvy, DDB, Berlin Cameron, Seth Weisfeld at Wieden+Kennedy, HUGE and many more. And the numbers and good reactions keep growing.

As of now (spring 2015) the video got 144k plays on Vimeo and keeps getting attention.


Module Leader: Daniel Ilic at North Kingdom

Coach: Thomas Larsson at B-Reel (Stockholm)

Team: Beatriz Areilza, Gustaf Engström, Juliana Oliveira Silva, Lucas Lima and Marcus Wallander

Thank you: Studio Pump Station (Green Screen Studio), Ljud & Bildmedia (RED Camera)