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I'm currently working at Apple, since the spring of 2012, as an interaction designer. Previously with iBooks Author and iBooks and currently on new products. 

Interactive Window

A project made for the fourth module at Hyper Island, called Advanced User Interface Design. Our group made an interactive shopping window concept where people walking by are in control of the video playing in the window. 

It was very important that the basics of the execution was clean and simple, only back and forth movement is registered and only one person at the time is in control. Everything, even the walls are directed to the one person in control of the video. 

I was highly involved in the concept process and making the final production from recording to production of the mockup in After Effects and creating the case movie

In two days we had over 26.000 views, 80.000 loads from over 130 countries. 400 people liked the video on Vimeo, over 300 blogs embedded and wrote about it. It was Tweeted by Ogilvy, DDB, Berlin Cameron, Seth Weisfeld at Wieden+Kennedy, HUGE and many more. And the numbers and good reactions keep growing.

The Morning Paper

November 1, 2010 – Various sleeve designs for the band The Morning Paper


2008 – Mix-CD collection of unsigned artists

24h Font

24h font assignment at Hyper Island.
I wanted to make a font where every letter sprung from the same shape. As you can see, that proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. f

For a one day assignment it was interesting though. 

One Kenya

Design agency Grow and the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden gave our group at Hyper Island the brief to brand Kenya.

We had limited time for this assignment, about three weeks including research and execution. 

Mobile phone usage are growing rapidly in Kenya, providing Kenyans with an easy way of exchanging money and information. We wanted to utilize this and base our branding on a mobile platform accessible to as many Kenyans as possible. 

“o.ne.ke” ("ne.ke" being a Kenyan domain), or One Kenya is a text message and mobile web platform that hosts fact-oriented, moderated Question-and-Answer dialogues among entrepreneurs in formal and informal markets. The campaign around this emphasizes transparency and Kenyas rapid growth, highlighting single entrepreneurs or for example news articles about Kenyan progress. 

Team: Kris Bengtson, Gustaf Engström, Nathaniel Kerksick, Julie Raben-Levetzau, Patricia Varella and Simon Vega

I was involved in the concept phase and coming up with the name and the graphical tone of voice. Also part of production by producing the phone application mockup. 

Images from www.owerko.com. Contact me if you have any questions. Please note that this is only a school project made by us as students at Hyper Island.

SJ, Swedish Railways

Small part of the extensive job of design and redesigns for  SJ (Swedish Public Railways). Work including mockup train designs, loyalty card designs and more. 

This was made during my employment as designer at Lars Hall AB (2005-2009).

Vän av ordning & Det här var ju tråkigt

Redesign for the Swedish comedian David Batra's book “Vän av Ordning” (“Friend of Order”) and design of his second book "Det här var ju tråkigt" ("This was unfortunate") . Both books contain  collections of angry notes published in the streets of Sweden and abroad.

Made with help from: Joakim Thörn and Johan Adelgren (photo).